Water, fiber, other vitamins and minerals are rich in fresh fruits. However, it comes with the great amount of sugar. Although fresh fruit company claims to have only the natural sugar and no sugar is added for preservation but it’s a good idea to watch the amount of sugar naturally exist in each fruit.

Majority fresh fruits company dubai adds sugar or salt for preservation of fruit. You probably have never wondered over the sweetness added in nature’s candy. If you are asked about the least naturally occurring sugar, you will name apple, banana or oranges.

And orange is a winner! If you see 100 gram of edible fruit, orange juice contains 9.35 grams of sugar naturally. Apple follows closely with orange at 10.39 grams and bananas contains 12.23 grams. Here below is the chart in which sugar in terms of gram is mentioned in a 100 gram fruit.

Fruits (100 grams of edible portion) Sugar Grams (4 grams=1 teaspoon)
Raspberries 4.42
Strawberries 4.66
Blackberries 4.88
Papaya 5.90
Watermelon 6.20
Grapefruit (pink) 6.89
Cantaloupe melon 7.86
Honeydew melon 8.12
Peaches 8.39
Kiwi 8.99
Apricots 9.24
Oranges 9.35
Pears 9.80
Plums 9.92
Blueberries 9.96
Apples 10.39
Bananas 12.23
Cherries 12.82
Mango 14.80
Grapes 16.25
Figs 16.26
Pomegranate 16.57


If you see the table, the fruit shows from the least sugary to the most sugary. None of the fruit is harmful for you to eat but it’s better to have some information about your favorite fruits you eat. Despite sugar in fruits, it helps to balance the weight gain. Normally, eating a sugar tends to gain weight but fruit is contains natural sugar that prevents from cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This is the nature that has too much benefits.

Even the juices of the fruits have too much benefits. For example, if you take orange its rich of vitamin C that gives the power to fight against diseases. It repairs the skin cells and fight off the ramifications of damaging free radicals.

The reason is fruit is beyond sodium, artificial coloring and preservatives. Nothing is done to process the fruit. It contains organically grown nutrients. Don’t be too scare to see the numbers. Keep that in mind fruits are all great for your health, similar to another food. In addition, eating a fruit is better than candy bar because the sugar contained in fruit is natural whereas candy contains processed sugar and additives. Make sure you have 2-3 servings of fruit each day to get benefits of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant.

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