NRTC is proud to deliver high quality fresh fruits and vegetables from farm to your locality at a competitive price. Customer Satisfaction being our prime focus, we consistently innovate and adopt modernized approaches to keep up with the ever growing consumer needs.

Our Strengths



More than 40 years of dedicated experience, as a family business.



Staff strength of more than 1000 employees across 9 different companies working at 11 different locations within the Dubai central market.



More than 300 Vehicles that are approved by Dubai Municipality and calibrated to HACCP requirements



55 exclusive trading partners around the world.


Fresh products

Fresh products sourced from within Middle East, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America and South Asia.


goods exported

Our goods are exported to Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and also growing markets of GCC



We have our branches in Lebanon and Abu Dhabi

Cold Storage

NRTC believes in staying one step ahead to meet up the ever growing demands and needs of the industry and be aligned to the city’s vision of Expo 2020 and the expected boom in tourism, food and hospitality sectors in UAE.

We have a built in cold storage facility equipped with the latest refrigeration and food storage technology, that allows the products to breath and stay fresh for a longer period of time, ultimately increasing the shelf life of the product. With an extensive storage capacity along withadditional tertiary space, generated using our state-of-the-art storage extension system,we are ready to meet the ever expanding market demands in the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables in the country and spread our wings beyond the region.

  • icon Located at Nadd Al Hamar
  • icon With an area covered of 100,000 Sqft
  • icon 35 International standard cold storages
  • icon Cold Store capacity of 20,000 Tonnes
  • icon An advance Water Recycling System
  • icon Equipped with a Pre Cooling System

Quality Policy

NRTC operations are crafted and designed following strict compliance to the International ISO 22000-2005 standards and HACCP principles. The quality checks are followed and executed by our team of experienced quality control professionals, providing a complete assurance that our customers receive superior quality produce at the same time maintaining a safe, healthy, comfortable and hygienic working environment for all of our employees. We strive to improve and achieve the latest international food standards,thus being a frontrunner and a role model in the arena of quality and hygiene. We are NRTC and we always insist on the Best!

Supply Chain

NRTC has an excellent supply chain and perfectly working systems and processes that ensures the produce are delivered in fresh condition and good packaging to our, customers at a reasonable price. Adopting Traceability System leads to control the coordination of the whole supply chain from production to distribution of the fresh products.

The concept of traceability has become a key element of NRTC when dealing with fruits and vegetables safety, in technical terms and also to ensure better customer service.We are focusing on the process in which products follow through the supply chain and reverse the process which allows the products to be traced back up the chain.

Traceability remains the responsibility of our company, which extends throughout the whole supply chain.

Awards & Recognition

ISO 22000 - 2005

Building up our commitment towards quality assurance and food safety, NRTC acquired the coveted ISO 22000 – 2005 certification in the year 2013. Adapting to the highest standards of quality control, the compliance is the evidence to our dedication towards customer care.

Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP)

HACCP is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the final product.

NRTC is a firm believer in the need to continually upgrade its systems, processes and certifications, and successfully obtained its HACCP Certificate in 2007.


  • Dubai Municipality Award – Appreciation Best Continuing Efforts to Achieve Vision of Dubai Municipality (2015)
  • Office of the Sheikh Mohammad bin Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum (2011)
  • His Highness Sheikh Manae bin Hasher Al Maktoum – Dubai Pioneers (2010)
  • His Highness Sheikh Manae bin Hasher Al Maktoum – Dubai Pioneers (2009)
  • Dubai Municipality Award – Appreciation Best Continuing Efforts to Achieve Vision of Dubai Municipality (2011)

Meet Our Team

The backbone of NRTC group is our strong team of dedicated and committed workforce. Over the years our company has grown on a rapid pace and today we stand at a strength of over 1,000 employees. Our team efforts have helped us to reach a stage, wherein we are not only known for our high quality products but are also appreciated for our finest customer service.

Our Departments


Since its inception, NRTC has focused on providing a precise culinary experience to its clients. With the use of the most latest in house equipment`s and modern technologies ranging from peelers, shredders, slicers and choppers, we are able to meet the ever-changing customer demands.

NRTC production team guarantees 100% fresh, sanitized fruits, vegetables, salads, pre-cut and whole items. Each product under goes thorough quality checks and traceability, making sure our clients receive fresh products. Our well trained staff are very precise when it comes to handling and storing of our products.


NRTC maintains quality in fresh fruits and vegetables by controlled atmospheres. Post-harvest quality maintenance in fresh fruits and vegetables are greatly influenced by the temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric composition of their environment. NRTC follows strict compliance according to the International ISO 2000-2005 and HACCP principles, always being a frontrunner and a role model in the matters of quality and hygiene.

NRTC quality control department prioritizes to enhance and maintain the originality and distinctive characteristics of each product maintain its nutritional value.


NRTC group is a flag bearer for food safety and healthy practices with our logistics team, playing a key role in our daily operations. Fully maintained, latest delivery vehicles equipped with standardized and approved chiller units and year round logistical independence, NRTC commands one of the largest logistical fleets in the industry. Our fleet includes 2, 3, 5 and 7 ton vehicles and has more than 300 units currently in service, delivering across UAE and neighboring regions. All our vehicles are approved by Dubai Municipality and certified for food transport.


Our marketing team consists of professionals, designers and Marketing experts who strategize, plan and execute campaign to promote our business and also assist the sales team by reaching out to a wider audience and bringing them close to the company. They ensure that our client demands are fulfilled and also provide a platform to share their views and opinions.

Human Resource Development

NRTC management strongly believes, a business is successful by its employees, the way customer satisfaction is important for NRTC, employee satisfaction as well is equally important for us. Our employees are carefully screened on the basis of loyalty, dedication, cooperation, and willingness to work.

Business Development

NRTC has an excellent business development department, experienced in wholesale and retail of fresh fruits and vegetables, who assist in developing the business further in domestic and international markets. Our department maintains constant and ongoing interaction with leading retailers, exporters, wholesalers, hotels, caterers, processors etc. to drive in the sales in the domestic market and overseas.


Certifications & Affiliations