In the modern age, many people are occupied in a hectic and busy lifestyle which does not allow them enough free time to carry out regular daily chores. Hence, many entrepreneurs have established global platforms in order to facilitate customers, for the purchase of regular use products. The great thing is that you can even buy simple grocery items such as vegetables and fresh fruits dubai from these platforms. If you are also a resident of Dubai and require a convenient option for grocery purchase, here are a few amazing online platforms:

NRTC Fresh App:

NRTC Fresh App is a convenient and user-friendly application, for the purchase of groceries, online. The application allows you to choose from a large range of fresh fruits and vegetables. You even have the option of receiving them pre-cut and pre-packed! Not only does the company provide consumers fresh produce, it also offers them at exclusively discounted prices!

Instashop Dubai:

Established in 2015, this is now one of the most used applications by users in Dubai. The website is easy to use as you just have to add your address, and you will then be guided to a number of stores near your location. You can then survey through the available brands and can create your desired product basket.


Trolley.AE is a specified grocery platform which provides and vegetables to customers. The platform aims to facilitate customers, and thus, provides free delivery for purchases over 100 AED. You can find a range of groceries on this platform and can receive delivery within hours if you place your order before 7pm.

Carrefour Grocery Delivery:

Carrefour, which is a renowned supermarket chain in the middle east, also has its online platform which provides delivery to consumers. Useable in both Arabic and English, the platform is a convenient option to order , that too by availing the exclusive discounts and vouchers available for customers.

Down to Earth Organic:

This is one of the few and foremost organic online platforms in Dubai. This is one of the most viable options for UAE residents to order organic produce which can be delivered directly to their residence. All that you have to do, is log on to the platform, search for all the products you require, add your address and wait for the delivery of your organic products.

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