Nourishing and balanced diet along with regular work outs are the secret behind happy and healthy lifestyle. Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes are a rich source of nutrients and are vital ingredients for your daily diet. An important attribute that effects the choice of diet, is the weather of the country. People consume food that are adaptable to the weather – for e.g. in colder regions, food and drinks that can keep oneself warm are consumed whereas in areas where the weather is hot, people consume wide range of natural and organic food to keep themselves hydrated and resilient.

In UAE, throughout the year, people generally experience warm and hot climate, except for few months, when the weather is mostly cold and pleasant. Due to region’s temperate climate and lack of arable land on one hand and growing consumer demands on the other, presented an opportunity to many startups and firms to enter the market of fresh fruits and vegetables. With a vision to bring in the freshness of premium quality fruits and vegetables to the blooming market of Dubai, Nassar Al Refaee Trading Company (NRTC) was formed 40 years ago. Starting off with a humble beginning, today NRTC has flourished into a powerhouse of the UAE fruits and vegetables industry and are one of the prominent companies that import and export fresh fruits and vegetables in the Middle East.

The journey of NRTC began in the year 1973 and today, they are successfully catering to the demands of the both local and international markets. The top priority of the company over the years has always been innovating and implementing modern ways to cater to the needs of their customers, so that they can enjoy fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables. NRTC strives every day to deliver the best service to its customers while maintaining, premium quality of the products.

NRTC has an extensive network of trading partners, including suppliers from America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, from whom it sources fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year. With an excellent supply chain and perfectly working systems, NRTC ensures that the produce are delivered in fresh condition along with good packaging to its customers at a reasonable price. Their efficient Export department has been regularly meeting the demands of growing markets of GCC and other regions, as per the requirements.

They have a staff strength of more than 1000 employees across 9 different companies working at 11 different locations within the Dubai central market. NRTC commands one of the largest logistical fleets in the industry with fully maintained, vehicles equipped with calibrated and approved chiller units. The team at NRTC, never compromises on quality and their relentless dedication and commitment has helped the company to acquire HACCP and ISO 22000 – 2005 certifications. The methods and procedures adopted by NRTC are compliant with international standards.

The future of NRTC is to continue to grow locally and globally by fulfilling the ever rising needs of customers and collaborating with international producers and clients to add value to the business.

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