Research shows that UAE is at the 16th position in the World for diabetes, of which 40% forms Type 2 diabetics. This type of diabetics has many side effects including sight-threatening eye conditions. Hence we have to ensure that we follow healthy diet especially for our kids to evade the risk of diet related illness. Parents have to take care of what their kid consumes especially in the school, when they are not around to take care. Snack time, should be made a healthy time and we as parents, should put in best efforts to protect our children and bring out the best in them. A recent study undertaken by a university in the UAE, reported that many children have high intake of protein and carbs but very low fiber intake. This is due to regular eating of fast food like burgers, chicken sandwiches, pizzas etc. Schools being an essential part of kids growing years, it is very important to instill in good eating habits in the early stage itself.

Below are some tips by NRTC for parents, on how they can encourage their kids to switch and love a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables instead of burgers, pizzas, fries and chips during their snack times especially at schools.

  • 1. Mornings are quite busy for mums, adding pre-cut items to your shopping list, will help you save your time and energy. 100% fresh range of pre-cut products ranging from all types of capsicums, carrots, baby carrots, cucumbers, cut in various styles are convenient and makes it easy for mums with zero-prep required.
  • 2. Your kid loves to have mangoes at home—so why not pack wedges for their lunch? Or fresh berries in a cute little container? Combine it with some nuts and a handful of healthy cereal and you have a perfect snack box for your little one.
  • 3. Kids love creamy mayonnaise, so mix it up with some shredded carrots and cabbage both purple and white, add some dressing of olive oil, apple cider vinegar and honey, and a yummy coleslaw is ready to eat
  • 4. Vegetables and fruits are already colorful all you need to do is add a little of fun for your child. Roll it up either in a roll or a wrap or quesadillas and an interesting snack is ready
  • 5. Dip it up! Vegetables go unnoticed when they are served in a dip, the “ewww” broccoli can be “wow” broccoli when dipped in a sauce.
  • 6. Fruits are blessed with blending traits, Banana pancakes or an Apple pie can be marvelous to snack it up.
  • 7. Why not smoothie- it? If your child says no to eat it, then make a smoothie of fresh fruits or treat your kid to yogurt with fruits – A healthy choice that your kid can’t resist.

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