Everyone knows fruits and vegetables carry an exceptionally beneficial nutritional composition for a human body. They are low in calories and high in minerals, vitamins, and fiber, making them a preferred food option for weight management.

But what exactly happens when you just eat fruits and vegetables? There are over thousands of websites where you can discover a list of benefits & reasons why some people have ditched complete meals and opt to consume only vegetables and fruits. So, what exactly happens to our body when foregoing other whole foods? Let’s find out today!

Why eat only vegetables and fruits?

The shortest possible answer could be ‘its benefits.’ Not only do fruits and vegetables support in weight loss journey, but they also help to create a benchmark for a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Many athletes and bodybuilders started to eat fruits and vegetables only because of their nutritional value.

The benefits

The diet that comprises of only fruits and vegetables offers more than just more efficient weight loss. Such a diet pattern has shown to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and they improve the health of blood vessels and the immune system. Also, eating only fruits and vegetables bring antioxidants to our body, which may reduce DNA damage, thereby reducing the risk of cancer.

But is there any downside to fruits and vegetables only diet?

Demerits of fruits and vegetables only diet

While all these factors mentioned-above do seem beneficial, particularly for weight loss, it is adverse for the overall functioning of the body as there is no other source of nutrition to fuel it. Focusing only on eating fruits and vegetables leads to an unhealthy form of weight loss, where you lose muscle mass and strength. Also, there could be a possibility of imbalanced or insufficient macronutrients, as many fruits and vegetables do not contain enough good fats and proteins that are required by the body. Hence, this low-calorie diet will eventually result in a significant drop in energy levels, making daily tasks hard to carry out.

What to do instead?

Many professional athletes and dietitians would agree that a well-balanced diet is essential no matter what your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle mass. It is hence recommended you incorporate fruits and vegetables as part of your diet plan. To do so, you can contact NRTC Fresh today, the largest ready-to-eat, fresh fruits and vegetables online Dubai-based Company, and get wholesome food options at your doorstep.

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